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Who is BK Beachlife?



I am a 24 year Air Force veteran and moved to the area in 2016 after I retired. I spent the majority of my service time in direct patient care in a Physical Therapy clinic and I spent my last few years doing healthcare quality and compliance. I have held many positions during my time and I've learned 3 things that I still use today. 1. Stay positive, be present and have fun at work. 2. Wherever you are, learn to make family. 3. I am at my best when I am "serving" others and helping people. These 3 ideas form the foundation of my business and the way I take care of my customers. If you choose me as your agent, my promise to you is to do whatever I can to make this transaction as stress free as possible.

I am also a father of two amazing young adults that keep me on my toes. You will often find me exploring new trails by foot, by bike, or kayaking/boating down one of our amazing natural springs or along the river. If I'm not out there you will probably find me building a set or acting for our local theater. There is always something new to explore around here. 

 When you come to Florida you come here to enjoy the beach, the restaurants, the attractions, and the "laid back but staying active" lifestyle. Where everyday is a Saturday and everyone is on "Florida time". It is my goal to help you connect to this lifestyle as you move into your new home. So consider me your personal ambassador to New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding area!




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